DIY Makeup Remover


You might have seen me post this on my instagram a while ago. It’s still one of my favorite DIYs.

I used to buy those Neutrogena makeup wipes from CVS and almost always my eyes would burn like crazy. So I found this recipe online for makeup remover I could make on my own and keep my eyes from burning! Make-up Remover also looks cuter in a glass jar instead of those plastic containers.


  • Fill your container with warm water

  • Add 1 TBSP of Coconut Oil (or Jojoba if you have oily skin)

  • Add 1 TBSP of Dr. Bronner’s Baby Unscented Castile Soap (the baby kind keeps your eyes from burning!)

  • 0.5 tsp of Witch Hazel

Mix it all together, dip your rag in and wipe that makeup right off.


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Have a question or want to tell me how your Make-up Remover came out?