Getting Organized


I’ve always been an “out of sight, out of mind” type person. I remember it driving my mom crazy because when I was younger she would tell me to clean my room and I would just throw stuff under my bed or in my closet, because if you can’t see it the mess isn’t there right?? I think that’s the type 9 in me…

Over the holidays my office became the room we threw all of our presents, wrapping things, and stuff we didn’t want our guests seeing and in result of that, I just stopped working in my office all together. I closed the door and did all of my work from our dining room table. If I couldn’t see the mess in my office then it wasn’t there.
…but it was and I could feel the weight of that anytime I needed to get a notebook or a pen out of my office. It was this hidden thing that was causing a good amount of unneeded anxiety in me.

2019 seems to be starting off as the year of organizing and simplifying. I actually like watching Marie Kondo’s show just to see the before and after result.

So here’s mine from my office, enjoy!




Here are some links to items in my office!

DESK (sold out but here’s a similar one!)
Filing Cabinet
White Desk
Label Maker
Peg Board

Everything else was thrifted or gifted to me!

If you have any questions or comments, please reach out!