Monthly Wellness Box: Essential Rewards


All about Essential Rewards

Essential Rewards is Young Living’s monthly wellness box that you get to customize!

You can get pretty much anything in these orders- from cleaning products, makeup, oils, shampoo, toothpaste… the list goes on. With this order pictured, I was doing a ditch & switch with our cleaning supplies. So I got the fruit & veggie soak, the household cleaner and the dish soap. I also wanted to venture out of my oils from the starter kit (and replace a few that I really loved and used up quick!). These were my choices: Northern Lights Black Spruce, Purification, Bergamot, Patchouli, Peace & Calming, Lemon, & Citrus Fresh.

You can start your orders small at just 50pv or go all out and get everything you ever wanted!

OH! Did I mention you can get free things with you order? The more product you buy the more you get free. So for this order I got the Thieves Oil, Thieves Dish Soap and Orange Vitality FO FREE. I love free stuff.

The other amazing thing about ER is you earn back points from your orders and can spend those points on products! Imagine if Target did this, you’d be shopping there everyday huh? Well take some of that money you spend at Target to get your necessities and get them at YL first! You don’t have to add more money to your budget, you’re just transferring from one store to another.

I’m all about saving money - so I’m helping you do it too!

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