Styling Thrifted Decor


A while ago, I had a whole bunch of you vote that you’d love to see a blog post of how I style my thrifted decor at home, and it’s finally here! Maybe this will spark some ideas in some recent thrifted items you’ve found, or inspire you to go and start looking for pieces yourself!

The Office

I love this wicker chair that got almost a year ago! It was around $25 ($50 for the set of two that I got), which is a pretty good deal because people personally sell these for a lot more! Also that mirror hanging up was a side of the road find from one of my friends, it’s one of my favorite things at our house!


The Bathroom

We have a very tiny bathroom in our apartment, which means not a ton of storage. I thought it would be a good idea to get some of the bath goodies out of our closet and put them on a shelf. I thrifted all three of these jars (between $1-$2 each). The vase, candle and candle holder were all thrifted as well!
I’d say everything on this shelf only cost $6 and I love the way it looks.


The Bedroom


The vase, fan, tray and coral dish were all secondhand. No more than $5 total for this dresser arrangement!


I LOVE that our headboard has these little cubbies, I think it’s so fun to style them and it’s convenient to keep our books here. Pretty much everything on our headboard was thrifted besides the artwork, plant, the white and black bowl and our books!


I keep my diffuser and oils on my bedside table so we can have some good smells when we go to sleep. I found this World Market glass bottle at Goodwill with the tags still on! Originally $15, I got it for $2. I love having it here by my diffuser so I can fill it up when I want to use it.


The floral painting and the two frames with pressed flowers were both second hand finds! All three of these things were * almost * rejects, that I decided last minute to purchase- I think I made the right call.


The Dining Room


We had SO many glass vases from our wedding that I wanted to keep in our home, one or two of these were thrifted as well as the terra-cotta candle holder. Btw, lots of thrift store have boxes of candle sticks for cheap cheap, that’s where I normally purchase mine!


It was one of the more pricier items ($100) but it was too gorgeous to pass up. I also love this thrifted plate that we keep on top of it. And if you’re wondering, yes our letter board says “with you, I am groot.” It used to say “with you I am home” but Matt changed home to “groot” and I didn’t even notice until after the pictures were taken lol.


This rattan magazine holder (heart eyes for days)


The Kitchen


I love accordion racks, we have two hanging up in our house. I think they’re a fun way to display things.


I’m obsessed with wooden bowls, if you find a set get them! Especially if you have open shelving.


Two wicker storage baskets (I still have some love for wicker). Also, yes our laundry “room” is in our kitchen. I told y’all we live in a tiny apartment.


The Living Room


Another thrifted bottle for diffuser water! That wicker basket was thrifted also. I love the look of having plants in them


My other wicker chair lives in the living room next to this $5 coat rack!

Our TV stand is a work in progress, I’m currently on the hunt for old books in this color scheme.


This clay jug is my absolute favorite most recent find. It’s so much prettier in person than any photo could do justice.

That’s the majority of my thrifted home decor! Now go get out there and get some of your own and share what you find with me! I’d love to see.