Tim's Garage

Normally, if I worked for a brand that was mainly t-shirts, I might not have posted them on my blog. But this brand is something different. If you're local to Baton Rouge, you may know Tim's Garage and the owner, Brad. He is so passionate about what he does and has been dreaming up Tim's for a long time. I asked him the story behind the name (because his name is definitely not Tim lol). He told me when he was in grade school he remembered this one guy who always came to school in the coolest clothes so one day, he asked him where he shopped at. The guy responded, "I just get them from Tim's garage." They were really just old hand-me-down type clothes that he got from a guy's garage and made cool again.

I used that story as inspiration for the shoot. Thinking of places this guy might of hung out after school and what his friends would be like. 

And if you're in Baton Rouge and haven't stopped by Tim's Garage, it's located on Government Street! Go check it out. 

Models: Madison Monte | Jake Comeaux | Abigail Elhor | Jonathan Menck


Darian Tarver