This session is for beginners who just want to learn how to shoot manually with their camera.

In this session we will go over all of those fun settings that can be a little scary when starting out. (I promise they aren't too bad!)  We will also go over a few Lightroom tips and you will get to watch and learn how I edit my photos, what presets I use, and how I edit photos with different lighting conditions.


$250 - 1 hr




Already know how to use your camera? Well good because you can skip that first session and come here!

This session is going be freaking fun. I will set up a shoot with a model for you to come and learn! We will go over posing, lighting, and location scouting.  I will be shooting along with you so if you have any questions I'll be there to help. Plus you get to leave with your own pictures to add to your portfolio!

Sounds fun right!?


$300 - 1 hr




Feel like you want experience with both things?  This is the session for you!

We will start by sitting down and going over the basics on how to shoot manually. Then we will go on site with a model and get to put all that good information you just learned into action! We will end by looking through the images and I will show you how I edit. You'll also get a $50 discount for learning everything in one day!


$500 - 2.5 hrs